Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Whack A Mole"

I really need to write about my feelings so if you don’t like it when I vent, stop reading now.

Yesterday I was having a difficult day. My sister was in a situation over which I had no control. I could not help her in any way. I was frustrated. I posted on my Facebook that I needed to find an arcade with a “whack a mole” or a shooting range. Friends asked what was up and I told them that if my sister didn’t come up with enough money by Sunday then she was going to be living in her car. Well another person involved in her situation took all this personally and posted a reply. I realized that this person had taken this personally so I deleted the status that I had posted. Next she started attacking me by posting 3-4 times in under 5 minutes on my wall. She was saying that I wanted to shoot a mole; that I wanted to shoot her. I was so baffled by what she was saying that I asked what she was talking about and she stated that she had seen my post. Well I knew she had seen it, it was her reply that made me delete it as I did not want to be offensive. So after the 3rd or 4th post on my wall I deleted her and blocked her. I decided for safety to remove any one else associated with that situation except my sister.

Anyway let me be clear, “whack a mole” is a game. They used to have them in arcades. I loved to go play it when I was frustrated as a teen.

Arcade? Oh that is where we used to spend our allowances before all these electronic games became things you can play in your home for free. Anyway it is a physical game where these little things pop up, they don’t even look like moles, and you whack them with a mallet. Really great for working out frustrations; kind of like a punching bag, but you don’t hurt your knuckles.

I learned a little later in life that when I do not have access to a “whack a mole” that throwing shoes works great, thanks Peg! I also learned that throwing breakables breaks them and then you have to clean them up. So the next best thing to “whack a mole”, scuffing my shoes or breaking something is a shooting range, where I can take my handgun or rent one and blow off some steam by shooting a inanimate targets. This is what I do when I am frustrated by a situation that I have no control over. It is how I deal. Well I had no access to those things yesterday and so I posted that I wish I had.

I did not intend to offend anyone or to make the situation worse. For that I apologize!

I am now fairly certain that there is no one on my friends list that would attack me for anything I happen to post, so I plan to post whatever I want and if you are offended you can leave, how is that? I am who I am and I am not perfect; I am a work in progress. I do not expect us to agree on everything but if we don’t, I believe we can discuss it like adults or keep our mouths shut (or our fingers still).


  1. Hey Sherry, my kids played "whack a mole" at Chucky Cheez and then I with purchased my grandson a "Whack A Mole" game...we both loved it know the enemy will spew his corruptness all over words, spoken or typed it matters not to him....he just loves discord ...
    Seems that you were on his hit list and found someone so willing to be used by him...that it was as easy as pudding pie....! I have missed you how are you doing? Jim? Cats? LOL ... let me hear from ya ......Hugs to you!

  2. Good for you, post whatever YOU want. Great post.

  3. "I'm guessing you have abandoned this blog" sad face ... have visited with Sunni lately ...hear good reports on you and Jim ..

  4. Sherry where are you?????

  5. Just stopping by to say hello and hope your Sonday is a great day....miss hearing from you