Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breakfast with Amy Grant

Today we had breakfast with Amy Grant thanks to The Fish 104.7 radio station in Atlanta. As we were on our way I had some time to think and had a moment where the book we have been studying on Wednesday nights (Crazy Love by Frances Chan) came in and messed me up all over again. We got up early, no oversleeping today; got cleaned up, no pony tail; left with plenty of time to spare, arrived early; were excited when we caught our first glimpse of Amy, even got a little tongue tied. How many of these things do we let slide on Sunday mornings? How often do we think or say that we “have to” go to church, instead of that we “get to” go to church? Is it because we know God is there waiting for us every day? Do we begin to take Him for granted? Do we start just throwing on any old thing, pulling our hair back into a pony tail and leaving at the last minute because it is just church? To take it one step further, what about each day, do we take the time to stop and worship Him or do we put it off as one more thing we can do later? Just some thoughts I had today when I got to meet another sinner saved by grace, who happens to have an amazing voice.

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